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Spring testing machine

Spring testing machine

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Product Details
  • Size:  1000
  • Place of Origin:  jinan
  • Brand Name: 
  • Model Number:  TPJ-2000
  • Weight: 1000.000 kg

TPJ-2000 type spring tension compression fatigue testing machine according to JB/T7796-2005 "spring tension and compression testing machine technical conditions" provisions of the technical requirements.
The whole machine adopts the horizontal design, the work center of gravity is greatly reduced. With a large area of the base, the impact force and noise to be effective buffer. Makes the whole machine with a high degree of stability, good characteristics. The whole machine reference mature vertical mechanical fatigue experience, combined with the advantages of the horizontal machine tool, making the structure compact, reasonable layout. The test space and the test range can be adjusted; the test piece clamping is convenient and reliable; the whole machine runs stably, and is easy to be maintained and maintained.
This machine is mainly used for all kinds of spiral spring, also can make special jig, in order to adapt to the fatigue test of special sample. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable and simple structure, simple and reliable test space adjustment, accurate and convenient test stroke adjustment, convenient and reliable test piece clamping, stable operation of the whole machine, easy maintenance, maintenance and the like. And according to the technical requirements of the spring, adjust the amplitude and frequency of the spring.
The tested spring is installed in the space between the two devices can be adjusted, the spring tension and compression fatigue test to manually adjust the amplitude. Test machine using the touch screen control operation, real-time display of tension and compression frequency, tension and compression amplitude, tension and compression count, test data storage, etc..

  • Size:  1000
  • Place of Origin:  jinan
  • Brand Name: 
  • Model Number:  TPJ-2000
  • Weight: 1000.000 kg
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